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but in california. >> jerry brown they're getting it ready. but guess what? it was not just a prominent people. there were some people that i met today here celebrating that were actually there that day 75 years ago. >> he was only 18 years old then. the senior in high-school. >> i am so honored, i cannot believe it. >> now the 95 year-old is one of only two known people still alive who worked on the golden gate bridge. >> we're standing in front of del oro high-school, 1935 or 1936 and he says, what we would call a labor contractor today, he came by and asked him if you want to work. did not tell him what the project was, and it was during the depression so said " sure ". so they brought him over to the golden gate bridge and he worked there for about three weeks pealing table on the first hour, on the san francisco side. >> it is a legacy. people come from all over the world to see it. >> modesty can only go so far. >> ok, beautiful pictures. and a great story. many great stories here this weekend. here's one to keep in mind. there are going to be 10,000 bicycle spaces here this weekend. the
. we are the working people. we bring revenue to the state of california and i disagree with the brown proposal. >> it is not fair to his employees, it is that's not fair. we're paying a disproportionate share of our income to help balance the budget. >> the uc and cal state systems are both facing huge cuts in the coming fiscal year. the already stand to lose $400 million, and if the governor's tax initiative is not passed in november, they could lose another $100 million on top of that. >> it is not going to be easy, but we are going to be able to continue to open our doors to the 20,000 students that we expect in the fall. >> governor jerry brown aknowledge that the state's money problems are tough but when you're facing a $15.7 billion deficit, it comes down to some tough choices. >> but, when i have to cut and people lose their jobs, or a mother loses their child care, i am reluctant to do that. if there is a plausible reason why we might not have to. >> so what do you think of the governors of four day work week that he is proposing? the sacramento bee conducted an on- line poll
governor jerry brown booted her from the state advisory panel. >> it raises $735 million of tobacco taxes. not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatments. >> donna porter, governor brown, and five others were removed from the committee identified toxins. proposition 29 would add $1 taxi's pack of cigarettes for anti-smoking programs in resorts. in the advertisement she wants it would create a bureaucracy and send tax dollars out of state. many of us have had that sinking feeling when you cannot balance power accounts. imagine how a man feels that caused the nation's largest bank to lose $2 billion. the loss at j.p. morgan chase was caused by a trader who was actually managing the strategy to balance risk. the news is even more surprising given the bank's history. >> and the financial crisis erupted, j.p. morgan chase was the best bank that came out of that. they did not have the risky trades that many of their competitors had, so jimmy diamond, the ceo, was called king of wall street. >> he previously call this revelation a tempest in teapot and now we're learning that there may
, it is a big increase. >> governor jerry brown a tax hike initiative to protect schools and public safety is beginning to take shape. today the governor submitted the first of more than 1 million signatures to the registrar of voters. this comes one week after he announced that he had collected enough signatures to qualify the measure for the november ballot. he made it clear that the plan is crucial to balancing the state's budget. >> stop further cuts in education, protect public safety, and did california on a solid fiscal footing for the first time in 10 years. we're getting there, it will take longer than november. >> today the state is facing a $9.2 billion budget deficit but that is expected to change on monday when the governor submits his revision. >> a wife busted after investigators say that she sent methamphetamine so postcards to her husband in jail. derrick shore is here with how they say the library scheme worked. >> at first glance there sweet rose cards to an inmate. but officers say that these are more than just words of support, these are drug laced letters. >> they wer
is confident the president will win reelection and that democrats will retake the house. governor jerry brown ordering an audit of california's specialty license plate programs. this after an associated press found there was little oversight of the money raised through that program. the money raised from the specialty memorial license plates? it was supposed to fund a scholarship for families of 9/11 victim's but instead 40 percent went to anti-terrorist training programs and $3 million was taken for the state's budget deficit. >> a deadly earthquake rocked northern italy today killing at least 16 people. a 5.8 earthquake centered in a largely industrial area about 25 mi. northwest of bologna. it came just nine days after a 6.0 earthquake struck the same region killing seven and leaving thousands homeless. dozens of aftershocks causing even more damage. and western nations are stepping up the pressure on syria following the massacre of more than 100 civilians. more than a dozen countries including the united states are spelling syrian diplomats in response to last week's mass killings. nearly
million over the next two years. that is if governor brown's tax mr. passes in november. >> all that we are saying are " let's do the same concessions we have had for the last two years, carry them over for another two years and we're there ". >> there's no more room to cut, at what point do we reach the tipping point? >> the district wants more furlough days and to eliminate sabbaticals. the teachers union will vote tomorrow on a possible strike. it will announce their decision friday morning. other bay area airlines, a strong chemical order prompted a bizarre hazmat call in menlo park overnight. it was coming from a beaker in the back of a pickup truck outside of the biotechnology firm. investigators think that a man may have been using the acid inside to refine gold. however they are still looking into that. the owner of an oil tanker that spilled 400 gal. of fuel into the san francisco bay will pay nearly $2 million to settle the case. the dubai star overflowed in 2009 well being refueled. following a stretch of alameda county coastline. the money will go to habitat restoration, pub
protesters. activist march for a second day to call for an end to spending on the war. karen brown it tells us if they did not derail the political process. >> the president met with world leaders on the final day of the nato summit. leaders are approving the timetable to end the war in afghanistan. nato forces will leave the country by the end of 2014. >> that region and the world have a profound interest in afghanistan that a stable. >> outside of the conference protesters are demanding that the war ends now. >> we're here because we have had enough of a war machine. we're tired of paying for it. >> demonstrators have been peaceful, for the most part. but on sunday, a group of protesters clashed with police. leading to dozens of arrests. the police may outnumber the protesters today, and yet many of the downtown businesses were shut down in anticipation of the protests which centers around bowing. the aerospace giant told their employees to stay home. the war in afghanistan has become very unpopular. two out of three americans oppose the war and the numbers are higher in other nato countr
. governor jerry brown and several bay area business leaders. it is one of the most hotly anticipated stock offerings ever. and today we are learning that facebook is raising its ipo price. the social media giant said a price range of 28 to $35 per share. that price will value facebook at just under $100 billion. >> recent numbers show that home foreclosures in the bay area are dropping, significantly. tonight a closer look at why that is happening and why may not continue and what is to come is the number start to rise again? >> we're going to have a foreclosure drought. >> a bold prediction that could be poetry to people teetering on the brink of losing their home. >> it has been heading down since late 2008. banks no longer have to get foreclosures off their books quickly and it can account for them differently which means that they're in no hurry to foreclose despite what some people may believe. >> in this case seeing is believing. he says that banks are keeping some foreclosures off the market and hold off on the foreclosure process on others for now. he says that home inventories goi
linemen will smith is out for games. and now the browns linebacker is suspended for three games. the players have three days to appeal and they are planning to do so. time for feel good nfl story. his football career ended two years ago when he suffered a spinal cord injury and today he is on the roster of the tampa bay buccaneers. he is still paralyzed, not able to play football. his former college coach is now the head coach of the buccaneers. he called him and told him that he wanted to sign him to the roster as an undrafted free agent. >> i'm not going to lie, when i was watching the draft it was hard to see all those kids it, thinking it could have been my turn. and when he did this to me it was a dream come true. i said thank you, this means a lot. he saiit is surreal, it is hardo believe that they picked me. >> jamal weeks held out of the finale in boston with growing issues. the oakland a's in fenway celebrate his 100th year. they said, is suspended score and the a strike first one/zero. in the sixth inning in this mess smoking 12 left. kobe ross back up against a monste
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